Our Vision

While our beliefs are eternal, our vision is specific to our church right now. This vision is true to our beliefs, and provides the framework for our strategy and plans.
History shows that a church of people filled with the Spirit is a necessary precursor to a revival. We cannot bring about a revival - only God’s Holy Spirit can – but we can help build God’s church so that there is a community where the Holy Spirit will dwell.
Our purpose is to love God, love one another, love Berkhamsted and the wider world. These activities fuel each other – and the result will be a growing community that worships God in fullness of Spirit. This we hope will form the foundation for a future revival in Berkhamsted.


vision diagram
2.1        Love God...
God is alive and at work today, by his word, and through his Spirit we will build a church that worships him. Worship that glorifies God is the central focus of KRC. Worship deepens our experience of God through his Holy Spirit and makes us stronger as Christians. The outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in our church will be a vital witness and will lead others to believe.
2.2        Love one another...
As a church we will encourage and disciple each other so that each of us has a deeper relationship with God. By doing so we will become stronger in our faith and will be better equipped to share it with others.
2.3        Love our community...
By serving our community and sharing the message of Jesus Christ more people will come to faith in Christ.