About us

Kings Road Church started in 1870 as  a group of passionate Christians who met informally in a small room on Castle street for a time of prayer and worship, their only desire being to worship God in a way that reflected what they read in the New Testament.  They focused on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in an unadorned, unstructured communion service. Their faith was tremendous - real and powerful, and this attracted others to join them.  

As a church we are currently on a journey of rediscovering that unrestricted pursuit of God that marked our church's beginning.  We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and we are trusting God for a greater outpouring on our church, because we know that without His empowering, we cannot truly know God or shine Him to Berkhamsted.  We believe that everything needs to flow out of a place of intimacy with God, therefore we believe that our corporate and individual abandonment to God is more important than our church program.

Our vision as a church is to 'Love God, Love One Another, and Love Our Community.'